Fran and Wai – Blackwell Grange

Fran and Wai went through the mill with their wedding planning. They postponed twice. And with a 3rd date finally set to go ahead, the so-called ‘Pingdemic’ caused several friends and loved ones to bail last minute. They could have been miserable. They could have been a nightmare to work with because of all the stress. Instead, they were an utter delight. Planning a pandemic wedding is undeniably nightmarish but Fran and Wai never lost sight of what really mattered. Yes the big party was going to be a hoot but more than anything, they wanted to be husband and wife!

Here’s a taster of their story – the moment they crossed paths online thanks to a rather excellent Star Wars pun…

“Francesca was about to give up on finding love on the web. She’d been on her fair share of bad dates, and being ghosted by a bell ringer she’d been chatting with was pretty much the final straw! That was, until, she spotted one more profile with a name that piqued her interest – a certain Obi-Wai-Kenobi!

The two of them hit it off instantly. After exchanging messages and texts for a couple of weeks, they scheduled their first date for the 13th February, because Valentine’s day would have been too high pressure! And this was back in 2016…I know that because Francesca seems to work out all important dates according to Star Wars movie releases! So just for context, this was right after The Force Awakens came out!”


When we originally approached Laura about our wedding, we couldn’t have imagined the chaos that Covid was about to bring to our planning. But Laura was absolutely wonderful throughout! She was always calm, supportive and positive, even when we had to postpone twice over.

Laura created an amazing ceremony for us. It was personal, funny, and moving, and it reflected us and our relationship perfectly. She kept us calm and laughing on the day, and soothed all nerves. Our guests were full of compliments for the ceremony, for how personal and unique it was, that it felt genuinely heartfelt and meaningful, and that it was happy and fun!

Thank you so much, Laura. Our wedding was an incredible day, and our ceremony was everything we could have asked for and more.

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