Alex and Miles – Thurlaston Grange

Alexandra and Miles described wanting their wedding day to feel like a hazy sort of midsummer night’s dream – a blur of memory making and laughter; children playing, delicious food and carefree dancing. We all needed it! We’d literally just emerged from some of the strictest lockdown restrictions and were feeling battered and bruised. Honestly, this wedding was like a tonic. It was a joy to finally be able to revel in togetherness and celebrate like it was 2019!

Alex and Miles didn’t do anything for show. Every choice they made came from the heart. From their decision to walk down the aisle together with their gorgeous son Leo, to the beautiful Maya Angelou poem that Miles’ Aunt read – every element was authentic and meaningful. And don’t even get me started on the vows they wrote! There wasn’t a dry eye! Two guests came up to me afterwards and said they felt like they’d really experienced the ceremony. They hadn’t just watched it, they’d been immersed and involved and active. As far as I’m concerned, that’s exactly the way it should be!

We could not be happier that we chose Laura to conduct our wedding ceremony, it was just everything we dreamt of and more. So often people focus on the party part of a wedding but it’s the ceremony that really stays with us as the most important and memorable part of our wedding.

When we opted for a humanist wedding it was because we had no religious beliefs to tell us how or why we should marry, so it was important to us to have a ritual not just to define our marriage for ourselves but also to show our nearest and dearest what marriage means to us.

Laura guided and supported us through the process of planning our ceremony, gently challenging us to opt for the more personal and heartfelt approach despite our fear of nerves or embarrassment on the day, and we couldn’t be more grateful and glad we did. She helped structure a ceremony that was intimate and meaningful to us and suggested things we would never have thought to do ourselves (for example, our hand fasting ritual was one of the most poignant moments).

Laura is so warm and lovely and above all just really understood who we are as a couple and how we feel about love and marriage. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend her. Many of our guests told me afterwards how impressed they were with Laura and how delighted they were to have been part of something so special.

Photos by lovely Katharine: – she was an absolute dream to work with!

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