Emma and Sanj – Dodford Manor

From the first time we spoke with Laura over a zoom call, we knew just how fun the whole experience would be! Over a year later, we met Laura at a pub  for our planning session where we talked and laughed all evening! For two slightly awkward people who aren’t used to publicly declaring their affection, Laura has this effortless way of getting you to open up. When we received the first draft of our ceremony just one month later, we were absolutely blown away…. We’d been so relaxed and comfortable at the pub that we couldn’t remember a lot of what we’d shared with Laura, and yet it felt like she hadn’t missed a thing!

Emma and Sanj were the very dreamiest of dream couples; so funny, so sweet, and sooooo enthusiastic about planning their ceremony! All my couples are wonderful but these two…

Their ceremony, at gorgeous Dodford Manor, featured some frankly iconic choices. Nero String Quartet got things off to a strong start, playing Beyonce as Emma walked down the aisle!

Later they included a moment where guests shared why they thought Emma and Sanj were a good match. I usually check these over beforehand just to make sure nothing gets through which would be better saved for the Best Man’s speech! Somehow I missed the one which mentioned Sanj’s massive bum, but you know what? I’m not even sorry! Look at the reaction it got!

Rather than choosing a ring bearer in advance – because how could they choose when all their guests were so important – they left it all to chance! There was an Oscar-worthy performance from the best man who initially pretended to have lost them. And then…we revealed they were actually taped to the bottom of two of the guest’s chairs. What followed was a mad scramble to discover who had the gold! It was so much fun!

Here’s a little snippet of their ceremony:

“This particular love story takes us all the way back to Emma and Sanj’s school days when Mr Kelly, their exasperated geography teacher, decided it was time to stage an intervention! He moved his most unruly class member to sit next to his favourite student in the hope he’d be a good influence! Emma was chatty, loud and couldn’t concentrate for more than 30 seconds at a time – so nothing much has changed there! Sanj meanwhile was a Geography whizz and a diligent learner so he’d surely be able to calm her down!? How wrong Mr Kelly was! His scheme started to unravel as he noticed Sanj becoming increasingly distracted by Emma’s irresistible chit-chat! But things really took a turn for the worse on the Geography school trip to Iceland, when he spotted Emma and Sanj…holding hands! Yes, that’s right. Mr Kelly had unwittingly acted as their matchmaker!”

We went into our ceremony with very high expectations and Laura absolutely surpassed them all! It was a joy to have her there and her ceremony set the tone for the whole day. In fact, our guests were talking about the ceremony (and Laura!) all day and even now, weeks later.

Booking Laura was one of the best and easiest decisions we made. Not only did she help make our day so special, but we also have her ceremony script, which tells our story so beautifully, to treasure forever. We really can’t thank Laura enough!

Photos by the lovely: https://www.ayellephoto.com/ It was our first time working together and they were just such nice company! Plus, their work is ….[chef’s kiss]!

Venue: Dodford Manor – This is a beautiful wedding venue in Northamptonshire. The team there are brilliant. The whole thing ran like clockwork and they supported everyone – suppliers, guests and the bride and groom, so well. But more than anything, they seemed genuinely excited about Emma and Sanj’s wedding. It didn’t feel like just another day at work – they were so enthusiastic!

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