Marc and Jakub – Newnham Paddox

To this day, Marc still holds the record for being the latest of any bride or groom I’ve married!! You see that perfect little plait in his hair? Yep, it set us back pretty much a full hour because the hairdresser just couldn’t get it quite right! Luckily, I couldn’t have adored him and Jakub any more so all was forgiven! Their Humanist wedding was a celebration of their many and varied differences. Marc wanted something moving and romantic, Jakub wanted to impose a strict ban on anything remotely mushy. They couldn’t even agree on how they met so in the end I shared both versions of their story and asked their guests to decide who’s they believed! But their ceremony was hilarious and moving in equal measure. In fact, you can watch the highlights video here (have tissues at the ready – it’s an emotional one!)

“From the very first moment Jakub and I met Laura, we were instantly put at ease. We both had such different expectations of what we wanted from our day and Laura really had her work cut out. Suffice to say she absolutely and completely nailed it!!!

It was perfect in every possible way, from the Couples Story, the Vows, the Ring Exchange and then the Hand Fastening. Every detail was better than we could have imagined. The ceremony Laura constructed portrayed us perfectly as a couple, with moments of light-heartedness and then deep emotion.

We have had so so many compliments about our ceremony from the guests that attended, almost all of them focusing how unique it was to us, and Laura’s charm delivering the message.

We sincerely can’t thank Laura enough for helping create what was a wedding beyond our hopes and dreams.

We’ll definitely be using Laura again in the near future for a possible Naming Ceremony!”

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