Freddie and Mathias – Upper Woods Farm

“Laura was amazing! From the moment we met her we felt like we were in safe hands, she understood exactly what we wanted from our day (even though we were doing something incredibly non-traditional). Laura personalised everything beautifully, and was totally up for our more bonkers ideas. To sum it up; Laura was perfect, she made us feel very chilled out about the ceremony and everybody was raving about it at the party!”

Every humanist wedding ceremony exists to celebrate the uniqueness of that particular couple! And that’s what keeps my job as a celebrant feeling fresh and interesting – because I get to hear your incredible stories! Here’s just a snippet of one of my all time favourite tales…

‘Freddie and Mathias’ met five years ago in Berlin…at an illegal barbecue! They’d both moved to the capital to try and improve their German but instead, found themselves, through a group of mutual friends, united by a rule breaking grilling in the park. And it wasn’t just the sausages that were sizzling – the first spark of romance was also lit! Freddie first noticed Mathias’ accent. Another Brit she thought – let us talk about crumpets and salt and vinegar crisps immediately! But then he revealed himself as a Dane. But Danes are meant to be tall, like Vikings she thought?! And then he stood up! His short body had misled her – his legs went on for miles! They hit it off instantly. Mathias loved her smile and her warm, open nature. But theirs was a gentle, growing of love – one that started as friendship and became something more profound and beautiful with time.’

Freddie and Mathias were adamant they wouldn’t follow any ‘wedding rules’ just for the sake of it. So we examined all the various traditional expectations of a ceremony. Then they cherry picked the ones which felt like they actually suited them, and ditched the rest! Why wear white, when you can wear black?! Why arrive separately when you can ride in together in a vintage land rover to March Of The Valkyries?! It was EPIC!!! Why say the same ‘to have and to hold’  vows we’ve heard for the last two hundred years when you can make meaningful, personal promises? And finally, why have your guests throw confetti when you can pelt them with petals as you leave!?

There will never be another wedding like it. And that’s why it was SO special.

Photos by Bethan Haywood Jones

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