Sarah and James – Mill Garden

It’s a brave bride who’s willing to make her entrance by punt!! And not only that, she entrusted the job of boatman to her father-in-law. She even chanced taking her two year old twins on with her!! I couldn’t decide if we were being brave or just plain crazy to attempt it. Thankfully, no one went overboard and it made for the most stunning start to Sarah and James’ wedding! Set among a circle of poplar trees in the groom’s parent’s mill-house garden, it really was one of the most picturesque spots I’ve ever conducted a Humanist ceremony. And the setting was intrinsic to their meaningful celebration.

Sarah and James’ wedding rings aren’t the classic gold or diamond affair. Instead, after some considerable effort on James’ part, a few months earlier he’d managed to bring down an old branch from the same Poplar tree we stood beneath. And tiny pieces of the wood have been inlaid into their rings. They aren’t meant to be shiny and perfect and they aren’t a symbol of ownership. They’re more special than that! They’re a daily reminder of the exact place and time that Sarah and James committed to living their lives side by side.

“We wanted to say a big thank you for the significant part you played in making the ceremony perfect for us. It could not have gone better. It was exactly what we wanted in every way, from the location in the trees, the personalised story, the individual vows and the direct involvement of our families. Friends have described it as magical and that is how it felt. We have had so many lovely comments directed back to us about you personally. People were so impressed with your ability to find the perfect balance of serious stuff and humour. Your delivery was clear, warm and personal.

It was a pleasure to work with you at every stage. You provided vital support in the planning phase – even though we may have needed a little bit of pushing! We felt confident on the day that we could entrust you to lead the ceremony.”

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